News about KONTRA

Meeting with management of Real Germany 16.5.2019

Constantly on the lookout for new marketplaces. With, we have found another strong partner in eCommerce.

PandaBlack event at PlentyMarkets meeting in Kassel 18.3.2019

BVOH starts with its initiative PANDA.BLACK a unique springboard for online traders in the Far East. We were also there and got one of the coveted bears.

eBay Seller Conference in Cologne 22.1.2019

Kontra GmbH had the honour to be represented by one of our managing directors, Mr. Robert Krancke, and to give a lecture on eBay SEO in front of a large eBay community. As part of the Frankfurt group we feel the need to share our experience with other traders. All profit from working together.

Powerseller meeting on eBay in Berlin 27.9.2018

Every year the biggest eBay power sellers meet at eBay in Berlin to discuss strategies, orientations and new marketing tools. Again, this year has been very interesting and informative. We say, “Thanks to eBay”.

Online Trading Day in Berlin 29.8.2018

Meeting of the Association of German Online Dealers in Berlin. Here, training courses and further education courses are held together.
The Federal Association of German Online Dealers meets regularly to exchange news and modifications.