The Kontra GmbH

was founded in 2002 and is a supplier of consumer electronics and lifestyle products.

The distribution channels in B2C and B2B are existing internet platforms such as Amazon, ebay, price search engines or, own internet shops and companies in live & TV shopping throughout Europe.

In wholesale trade we are active mainly in Europe, Asia and the Arab world.

  • KONTRA GmbH is a partner of Lavazza, Dell, Ebay, Jack Link´s, Deutsche Telekom, Barkawi Group and others.
  • Number of employees: 40
  • Turnover 2018: approx. 25 Mio Euro
  • Business areas: Telecommunications, luxury goods, interior work, IT, TK, CE, watches and jewellery
  • International business: Trading in the Southeast Asia TC area, as well as on alternative paths on the internet and live / teleshopping channels.
Our Team